Introducing the SiteBildZ WordPress Silo Creator

After several months of development the SiteBildZ Silo Creator is finally here!
Its’s no secret that websites that incorporate a proper Silo/themed structure…


  • Get indexed faster
  • Outrank your competition with 90% fewer backlinks
  • Rank for more competitive keywords easier
  • Drastically reduce your sites bounce rate




Google actually approves of websites that incorporate a themed or Silo structure in their design.


Problem is, WordPress is not Silo structure friendly right out of the box.  You actually need to know some SEO, PHP coding and use custom plugins and themes to get the job done right.


But now with the SiteBildZ Silo creator its extremely simple for anyone to create three and four level Silo structured websites in minutes regardless of tech or SEO experience.


Check out the Silo Demo video below to see this amazing new feature in action…its bad ass!



8 thoughts on “Introducing the SiteBildZ WordPress Silo Creator

  1. Zane

    Thanks for reply ..can u please provide a guide on silo sites not the tool but the silo site on general so we will have a better idea on how to create them say what keyword to use and how to link them .. Cause myself have no clue how silo sites will help in ranking and what are the best way to create them is there any rules. Etc

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, absolutely! You can find our FULL 30 Day Affiliate Training in the SiteBildZ dashboard when you log in. This includes a complete step by step guide on why you should be using silo structure on your websites as well as how to use our simple drag and drop editor to create your silo.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.


  2. Brian

    Does it have a shopping cart function that can be added to a blog/site in addition to the blog posts and pages of the main site? How much is this? Thank you.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Brian,

      If you are referring to selling your own products our e-commerce themes have a built in shopping cart feature. All of our Amazon affiliate themes will add products to the cart through Amazon.

      You can view all our pricing plans and even a free option to test out on a free sub-domain at

      Thanks for checking us out!

  3. zane

    nice work however its missing a crucial part which is collect articles from web directors and collect videos from youtube and images from flicker based on keywords… I know a silo wordpress plugin can do this it will be much nicer and easier to have such features and not just add menus and root menus. also we need a general guide about silo sites how to create them and how to use them the right way without this the tool wont help us

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Zane….thanks. Actually all the features you mentioned such as article creation, YouTube video posting and stock image providers are all integrated within the “Content Manager” section of the SiteBildZ dashboard.

      Then easily posted to your website with just a few clicks in our easy website builder section. The silo structure and designer is flexible and can be done prior to content creation or after.

      We highly recommend that with any website you use original and properly written content and this is why we don’t auto generate content.

      This is another reason we have incorporated so many options for our users to have this content written for them or follow instruction on how to create it on their own.

      Definitely love the feedback and please keep it coming….thx


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