May 16th SiteBildZ Advantage Theme Screenshots

Ok, the other day we released some early details on the amazing new WordPress solution that SiteBildZ Advantage will offer you upon release.  However we were quickly reminded that we forgot to add something important.


We didn’t show you any examples of the new responsive affiliate and E-commerce themes.  (Yes, the new version also does E-commerce.)


Below you will see two affiliate and two E-commerce template examples.


SiteBildZ Advantage Affiliate Theme Screenshot 1

SiteBildZ Advantage Affiliate Theme Screenshot 2




SiteBildZ Advantage E-commerce Theme Screenshot 1

SiteBildZ Advantage E-commerce Theme Screenshot 2


Our WordPress Affiliate Templates are multi-functional and can be used to create awesome affiliate websites from ANY of the following networks that are integrated into SiteBildZ Advantage.


  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • More networks and big brand stores are currently being added


You can also convert any of these store themes to a Blog Style layout with just a click of a button even AFTER you have added your products.  Customization features have also been revamped and given more functionality such as cool image sliders, product image zoom and more.


Active SiteBildZ Advantage members will also be receiving up to 10 Unique Responsive NEW themes per month.  Other blog style layouts will be available to you when we go live with this new SiteBildZ version.


Since we are on the subject of adding products…


SiteBildZ Advantage lets you quickly locate top selling products from ANY of the networks listed above.  Again, with just a few mouse clicks your chosen products will be automatically posted to your websites. (More details to our automated monetization manager to come)


There is more that can be done with these templates than meets the eye and you will learn all about this added functionality as we release further details.


Don’t worry, you will be provided with an actual working demo of these templates well before launch time.  If you are impressed now just wait till you see whats coming up!


We are only getting started with announcing EVERYTHING that will be included with SiteBildZ Advantage release.  I guarantee you wont find ANYTHING better.


You can join now to lock in your membership price and to be one of the first to get your hands on the only COMPLETE marketing automation platform for Internet marketers!  SiteBildZ Advantage goes live in just a few short weeks!

Want to promote SiteBildZ Advantage?  Join for free as an affiliate and take part in this Epic launch!
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Be sure to check out the previously released details in the blog to be up to date on ALL the amazing features.


2 thoughts on “May 16th SiteBildZ Advantage Theme Screenshots

  1. Mike Brown

    When is the program starting where I could put up websites?
    Is there a templet that would work for an association and for selling live events at hotels?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mike, SiteBildZ Advantage will be launch in a few short weeks and yes there will be templates available that would work for your purpose.

      SB Team


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