May 10th SiteBildZ Updates

Hi Everyone,


Here are some recent updates including Appbildz

First on the list is the addition of our new Sitedildz Affiliate Ad Builder
that will let you easily create your own ads from ANY affiliate network!

Now you are no longer limited to promoting just Amazon and ClickBank
products which means finding a great product to promote even the
most obscure niches is now possible.

Here is the link that will show you the builder in action…its really
slick and I haven’t seen anything quite like it:

You now also have the ability to easily add images to your ClickBank
Ads the same way you can add them to the Affiliate Ad builder.

Ads you create in both the Affiliate and ClickBank ad builder are quickly
added to your website with just a few clicks.
Second on the list of updates:

YOU must create your Appbildz account using the same and username

you chose for Sitebildz. This is for two reasons, the first being that
Appbildz is only available to paid members and not publicly.

The second reason is we plan to integrate Appbildz directly into the
Sitebildz interface and it will make for an easier transition.

You will also be able to list your Apps for sale on

Video tutorials will be available tomorrow under the Appbildz tab
in the software menu.

You can begin creating your apps as soon as you signup.
The Sitebildz forum will be available by Monday.

Shortly after we sent the email out that it was open we noticed
that EVERYONE had access and since this is a paid members
forum only, we have to resolve that issue.

Sitebildz free trial offer.

Sitebildz is now offering a free 14 day free trial, we wished we could
have offered this at the beginning but because of monthly data costs
it was not possible….now it is, so we made it so!

More updates and features are on the way…just wait and see what
we have in store.



Joe and Kendall

May 8th SiteBildZ Updates

Howdy Members,


The forum currently is setup with various topics so feel
free to open new threads and post away!

However, because we just launched there is no actual content
in the forum but beginning on Monday we will get the forum rolling
in good shape.

The forum is a place to post your feedback on how we may be
able to improve the Sitebildz software as well interact with other
members of Sitebildz where we talk about making money using
the software and also on all topics Internet marketing.

Please do not post regarding issues you may be experiencing with
the software as they need to be submitted through the held desk so
as they can be forwarded to the right team for a faster response.

Appbildz: tomorrow we will be emailing you to go signup and start
creating your apps. The video tutorials for now will be held in the
software under the Appbildz tab which will appear tomorrow.

Our plans are to integrate the videos into Appbildz directly and
have them accessible as you progress through the steps of building
your app so they are right there to easily refer to.

Sitebidz, will be available for you on Monday as we are having to
make some changes to accommodate the restructuring.

Sitebidz will not be made available to the public for two weeks
from Monday so get your sites listed within those two weeks.

Thats it for now and I will apologize in advance for the frequent
emails you will be receiving till we get this beast rolling.

If you are liking Sitebildz now you are going to love it even more
as we grow…we have some major plans to make this the ONLY
product you need to create income online.

Thanks for joining and keep an eye on your email for the update
later tonight.


To many future successes,

Joe and Kendall

May 7th SiteBildZ Launch Update

Hey Everyone,

Important notice that we are launching to the public Today @ 4PM EST..

First I want to personally thank you for coming on board with Sitebildz for the
earlybird release.

We have some big plans ahead for the Sitebildz brand and everyone involved….

Its going to be a wild ride as we develop this software into the MEGA product
we have envisioned.

Many of you know our product SEnuke and how it has grown into a mainstay in
the online marketing community since we launched it back in early 2008.

You know that our number one priority is support and product development and
we strive to always build a better mouse trap so to speak.

WIth that said lets get on to the exciting updates we have ready TODAY!

Introducing the Sitebildz Affiliate Ad Builder which allows you to create
ads to easily promote products from any affiliate network you choose.

Choosing custom fonts, colors, styles and cusotm images you will find that
creating an ad can be as simple as just a few clicks.

Clickbank product ad builder is also receiving an added feature with the
ability to use your own images to showcase your chosen product.

These can be easily modified with images from the products sale page or
any source you see fit.

Followed up by the addition of the Category product selction using the new
updated Amazon product module. Giving you the ability to post multiple
products with as little work on your part as possible…….seems like
this should be the Sitebildz motto.

Get Response has also be integrated with our autoresponder options and
Enom has become the newest domain registrar to be added with GoDaddy on
the way!

Last but not least to enjoy all the latest upgrades and benefits we are
constantly adding to the software you will need to update your template
without losing your sites content data and setting details.

This is now a simple click process from within the sitebildz dashboard!

Not to worry we will be adding a couple of videos to the training section
showing these updates.

So, with that said let’s get ready to change the way you can make money


Have an awesome day,

Joe and Kendall

April 29th SiteBildZ Updates

Hi All,

It took us a bit longer than expected to get Enom integrated but when
you are basically “Going where no man has gone before” with new software
innovations things like this can be expected.

Luckily we have a killer development team that actually likes these little

To use eNom instead of Namcheap click on the “Domain Manager” the click on
the eNom button.

You will then need to create a new eNom account from within the Sitebildz

After creating your account you will be able to purchase domains from eNom
using the funds balance from your Funds Manager.

All domains when purchased are held in the Sitebildz reseller account through
eNom and will not appear in your personal account until you decide to have
these pushed to your account. This is a simple click and go process that will
be available in the dashboard over the next 2 days.

We recommend you do all changes to your site such as applying your first theme
as after you push your domain to your own account the software will no longer
be able to set your dns for you.

You will still be able to perform any changes to your sites and use the features
of the software.

By purchasing through our reseller account we are able to offer domains at a
reduced price and pass savings to members like $9.49/yr for .com,.net and .org

Here’s a list of what we have coming up on launch day: auctioning platform will be live
(you’ll see this in action during pre-launch) mobile app building software will be live

-Affiliate Ad Builder will be integrated

-GoDaddy will be integrated

-Clickbank Ad Builder with Images
We’ve also added more videos to the Application Training section:

-Niche Research
-Niche Competition
-Domain Manager
-Theme Manager
-Funds Manager
-SEO Module

With two more being added soon. Be sure to check these out.


Talk Soon,

Joe and Kendall

April 16th SiteBildZ Updates

Hey All,

Just a heads up about a couple quick updates:

By the end of the week you will be able to register domains at eNom and Namecheap.

We have added more headers so in total we are up to 145 with more being added weekly
and more templates are coming as well.

You asked for more auto-responder options and we listened…GetResponse will be added
by the end of the week about the same time eNom completed.


To Your Success,

Joe and Kendall