The Origin of Affiliate Marketing and Can You Really Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing


The concept of affiliate marketing, otherwise known as revenue sharing, has been around long before the internet. However the principles of revenue sharing didn’t transition to the World Wide Web and the e-commerce world until 1994, just four years after the origination of the internet.


It was introduced with the name affiliate marketing and it created opportunities for everyday people to build affiliate websites and make money online by promoting the products of others and earning commission for their sales.


William J. Tobin was the founder of a company making millions of dollars per year and in 1995, and they were the first company on the internet to have thousands of affiliate marketers working for their program.


They also secured a patent for the unique system that they created to track their affiliates’ sales. Since the 1990’s, affiliate marketing has become a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s now a marketing approach that virtually every big brand incorporates into their business.


By recruiting affiliate marketers to build websites and promote their products and services themselves, companies today save millions of dollars in marketing costs and are able to grow their businesses at much faster rates.


Future of Affiliate Marketing



What does the future hold for affiliate marketing industry?

Affiliate marketing has already become mainstream and its presence on the web will only continue to grow. For as long as there is business, there will be revenue sharing.


As mentioned earlier more and more big brand stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and many others are now beginning to incorporate affiliate programs into their online business model and this trend will continue to grow.


The advent of new innovations in web technologies have now made it easier than ever for the average person to have their own blog or website,  This, coupled with the fact that thousands of new Internet users log on online daily looking for ways to create income online will ensure that the affiliate marketing industry will continue to thrive.


Is affiliate marketing easy?


One of the most popular ways affiliate products are promoted is through a website. This is done by displaying affiliate ads in various formats for products or services you are affiliated with. If you can capture your website visitors interests enough to entice them to click on your link or ad, you earn a commission for that sale.  Although this sounds easy enough, which for some it is;  it’s not always the case.


Any business venture will require work, time, dedication and some degree of financial investment.  There will always be challenges that you will face.  Building a successful affiliate business is not a “walk in the park” by any means but with todays technology its now easier than ever for anyone to get started.


One of the biggest issues affiliate marketers face is getting targeted visitors to their websites to see  their offers.  One way this use to be accomplished was by generating organic traffic through search engine marketing or SEM.  Search engine marketing is is a form of Internet marketing that involves optimizing your website content so that your site ranks high in the search engines.


SEM use to be much more effective before Google began releasing a series of algorithm changes that made it harder to acheive top rankings using search engine optimazation.


So how do affiliate marketers acheive top rankings today?


SEO is still important however one thing is for sure, if you want to acheive top rankings that will stand the test of time you need to create content that Google loves. You may have heard the phrase before that “content is king,” well this is especially true today for affiliate websites.


You could even argue that affiliate websites need to have better content than any other type of site. Your website needs to provide exceptional value and give the viewer a reason to appreciate your website and trust the products that you are promoting.


Providing great quality content that is updated regularly is a must.  This is why many affiliates choose to start a website covering subject matter that they genuinely enjoy.


For instance, if you like eating healthy and watching your calories, a healthy eating blog that promotes related affiliate products could be a good place to start.


Preparing blog articles and continuously producing good content will be much easier when it’s on a subject you enjoy writing about.  On the other hand, if what you enjoy is overly obscure such as “goldfish racing”, you may have a hard time finding others who share the same interest that would actually purchase what you are offering.


Affiliate websites can be hard work and writing good content for the website is just the beginning.


There are of course several other ways you can drive traffic to your website besides search engine optimization but SEO is the most practical way and it is free BUT, its not in any way instant traffic.


It generally takes about 6-12 months to see decent results but once the website ranks for keyword phrases that receive a decent number of monthly searches, the traffic will be consistent for years providing you keep it regularly updated with premium quality content.


If you are looking for a faster way to get targeted traffic to your offers, you might want to consider PPC.


PPC or Pay Per Click


Pay per click marketing is offered through various networks but the most popular by far is Google Adwords.  Adwords offers you the opportunity to bid on ad placements against other competitors for keywords you are targeting to drive traffic to your site.


You pay an amount anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for each visitor that clicks the ad and vistits your website.


Your actual cost per click is determined by many variables such as keywords, ad position, ad quality, how well your website or landing page is optimized to your keywords and also your ads optimization.


Although PPC advertising can deliver instant traffic to your website or blog there is a definite learning curve to doing this right, you dont want to end up spending way more on clicks than what you are getting in actual sales conversions.


Utilizing Internet marketing automation software to make affiliate marketing easier!


SiteBildZ Advantage Dashboard Collage




New innovations in software developments have changed affiliate marketing considerably. Today, getting ahead of your competitors as an affiliate means using the best software in the industry and using it to automate your Internet marketing efforts and accomplish more in less time.


The right software can automate website building, research, content optimization, link building and basically just about every mundane task related to affiliate marketing and making money online.  Social media marketing has also been entirely automated making it super easy to manage your online social accounts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin G+ and more.


Social media is now more important than ever to marketing online.  It can generate loads of targeted traffic, create brand awareness, increase search engine rankings as well as to help you to develop relationships with your consumers.


In todays online business world automation is key…adapt or get left behind!


Doing everything for your affiliate marketing business manually can be a very costly decision and a time consuming process. For every repetitive task that you spend 1-2 hours on, there’s the potential to cut that down to 1-2 minutes.


Try to imagine a world without automation, humans have been searching for ways to make mundane and repetitive tasks easier since time began…where would we be today if it werent for automation.


Staying ahead of the competition means adapting and using these tools to your advantage.

To your success!
Joe Russell


About Joe Russell:

Joe Russell is the President and CEO of IATC Enterprises which he began in 1999.  Bootstrapping the company from his basement, entirely from income generated as an affiliate marketer; he successfully grew his business into a hugely successful software and online marketing company. 

His companies focus today is on research, development and bringing to market innovative marketing automation solutions.  Their most popular and successful software products to date are  SEnuke XCr and the top selling Internet marketing automation platform of its kind SiteBildZ.

Because of his expertise in online marketing and software product launches he has gained recognition as being one of the leaders in his industry.  His marketing and product launch strategies have helped to generate over eight figures in profits for his company in just the past six years through multiple million dollar launches.




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