May 11th SiteBildZ Updates

Hi All,


You can now use domains from ANY registrar you want AND…

You don’t have to register them through the Sitebildz software which
opens up a whole bunch of options for you.

First, you can now use any previous domains you may already own.

Secondly, if you thought about taking the free 14 day trial but didn’t want to
buy a domain just to do it, you can now use the ones you already have.

You can still register domains at Namcheap and eNom just like before
but we wanted to give you more options.

To use this feature:

1. Click on the Domain Manager
2. Then on “Add Your Domain”
3. Choose the associated project for the domain you are adding
4. Open a new browser, go to your registrar account and set your
DNS name servers to the Sitebildz servers specified in the software
5. Click Submit

Thats it you are ready to start building your money site on that domain!

This is a bit more technical than registering domains through the Sitebildz
software cause you have to deal with DNS.

However, it is an important feature for those that may have had hundreds
of domains on registrars we didn’t support and also for anyone wanting to
give the free trial a spin without ANY costs.

Currently you can only choose one of Sitebildz servers to point your
nameservers to but within a couple weeks you will be able to choose from
any one of our 15 servers.

This will allow you to spread all your sites across multiple servers giving
you excellent link and network building opportunities.

There will be video instruction for this in the Application Tutorials section
later tonight.

The ArticleBuilder Auto-Post Scheduler is now also available.

Although Sitebildz comes with a built in scheduler the one in ArticleBuilder
has something we don’t…

An POWERUL built in Indexer that will help get your posts and sites
indexed by the search engines quicker!

You can save HUGE when you purchase ArticleBuilder from within the
Sitebildz software as the creator, Jonathan Leger has offered a special
discount to members of Sitebildz.

Just login to the software and in the Content Manager click on ArtiicleBuilder
to see the offer. Once you purchase you can just enter your access info
into our software then access and use it immediately.

Appbildz is also ready and as a paid member you can start building your
apps right away.

Tutorials can be found under the Appbildz tab in the software menu and
we are uploading more daily till we have the most comprehensive video
tutorials on App building available…hundreds are planned! is still scheduled for Monday…this is super cool and if you
flip sites you will love it!

More updates and features are on the way including IOS update for our app
and Android version is almost complete.

Get use to almost daily emails as we plan on adding new stuff as fast as we
can…as I think you may have noticed.

Sitebildz is going to be HUGE and its going to happen fast…just wait till
you see what happens next.

If you havent taken the no cost 14 day trial offer now is the time to do it,
visit the link below and get started today.


To All Future Successes,

Joe and Kendall