June 19th SiteBildZ Updates

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by, here are the latest SiteBildZ updates for June 19th:


1. SiteBildZ Multi Server, Multi IP Hosting

It took us a bit longer than expected to get this completed as it is another
industry first. You will not find a hosting option such as this anywhere for
any price! Here is what it does and how it works…

Multi-Server hosting gives you the ability to host your SiteBildZ websites
on multiple servers with auto assigned Class c IP Addresses.

Depending on your membership level you will be able to choose from
one to over a dozen servers to host your website on. Your website is
also randomly auto-assigned to one of the many Class C IP’s per server.

If you ever had any concerns about all SiteBildZ websites being on
one server it is now no longer a concern.

Our servers span multiple hosts and varying locations and we will be
adding new servers to this feature on a weekly basis till we have at
least a dozen or more in place…more will be added if needed.

Currently there are three servers to choose from when selecting your
hosting, you can also still host on your own server if you wish. SiteBildZ
supports ANY cPanel hosting.

This feature is literally like having your own 12 individual hosting accounts
at different hosts without all the headaches of having to manage them and…
without all the costs!

Instructions on how to use this feature can be found in the “Add Your Own Domain”
video in the SiteBildZ Application Training section.

2. WordPress Upgrade

We have resolved the issue with upgrading your sites to the latest version
of WordPress. Its a simple process but we we created a short video to show
you exactly how to do this. You will find this video in the SB training section.

3. New Custom Header, Logo and Favicon Option

You can now order professionally created custom headers and logos directly
from within the SiteBildZ software and we will throw in a free favicon with any

A favicon isn’t just a cool little graphic next to your URL, it actually helps to make
your site look a little more professional. It’s also convenient to your site users
when they bookmark your website as it makes it much easier for them to find
your site amongst the tons of bookmarks they may already have.

We definitely want repeat visitors to our websites and a favicon will help make it
easier for your visitors to return.

4. Article Builder Auto Poster Made Easier

We have made the AB auto poster much easier for you to use, basically enter
all the blogs you want your content auto-submitted to in one section. Then in
another section you will add the content you would like to be submitted at any
date your define then select the blog you want it submitted to…It’s that simple!

This feature alone will save you save you tons of time when it comes to keeping
your sites updated with fresh original content.

For those of you that may not know what ArticleBuilder is, it is an article building
software that actually does more than build articles. AB also includes lots of powerful
and useful features such as the auto-poster, site indexer and more.

We know that ArticleBuilder is an awesome product as we use it ourselves which is
the reason we integrated it into our other software SEnuke. So of course we also
decided to add it to SiteBildZ.

Jon Leger, the creator of ArticleBuilder has given us an exclusive deal to offer you
his software at a HUGELY discounted price, this offer is only available to SitebildZ
members and must be purchased through the SB interface.

5. Niche Research and Related Niche Research Improved

Both of these features have been made much faster so that your results are displayed in just a few seconds. Some users were experiencing unacceptable wait times when performing searches and this this update resolves that issue.

6. New Headers

More niche headers have been added which brings your current selection to just under three hundred. As always more headers are being added regularly.

7. New SiteBildZ App iPhone version 1.3

This is the latest mobile app update that resolves the crashing issues when performing a product search. You can now also access all of the SiteBildZ training videos and view them fro your mobile phone

8. SiteBildZ Beta Android Version Now Available!

You can now download the Android version of the SB app available on Google Play.

9. New Facebook Marketing Guide

Paid members will be able to access this totally new and original Facebook Marketing guide tomorrow June 20th. Over fifty pages of valuable information and instruction on the latest Facebook marketing strategies.

This e-book alone could easily sell thousands of copies at $27 all day long but as a SiteBildZ paid member you get this guide and all future monthly guides at no cost!

You can download the guide from the new “Monthly Downloads” sections

10. ArticleBildZ Discount on ALL Article Orders

Now receive a $2.00 discount on all articles ordered until the end of the month.


What we are working on:

More feature updates coming your way within a week!

– The EZ Editor will be made much more robust with more Drag-N-Drop customization

– New SiteBildZ Premium templates available to all paid members including layouts with slider options

SiteBidZ is nearly ready and we will be launching in the next couple weeks.

We do apologize for the delay but we are doing things a bit different than that of other website auction platforms including built in research tools for due diligence, an affiliate program and integration with SiteBildZ which has given us a few challenges but nothing we can’t overcome.

You are going to love this new and unique website auction platform!

If you haven’t tried SiteBildZ yet give it a try Its 100% FREE to join!  One free money site with no cost hosting EVER, free expert affiliate marketing training and full access to the powerful SiteBildZ software.  

Click Here to Join Free!

To Your Success!
Joe and the SB Team

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