July 25th SiteBildZ Updates

OK, so here is what we have for you in this latest update including the new and extremely profitable income stream for paid members.  You can actually earn up to 100% commissions!

New Premium Themes and Theme Designer:

Paid members have access to four new amazing WordPress themes with advanced features and a more powerful robust theme editor.

The redesigned theme editor/designer will provide you with even more customization options using quick and easy drag-n-drop widgets that will give you multiple options to make your theme totally unique.

We are developing this new advanced editor even further and will be adding various widget types such as testimonial widgets, video widgets, ad widgets and more.

This new editor and ALL new monthly theme releases will only be made available to paid members.  We are working towards a seriously powerful full-blown editor/theme designer with the latest in WordPress theme design and functionality.

As always we will continue to release at least FIVE new Premium themes each and every month.

We are also in the process of creating training videos for this new editor/theme designer.  The first video is below and also gives you a peek at one of the new Premium WordPress themes.

New Premium Headers: Of course with Premium themes you will need some Awesome looking headers.  You now have access to over THIRTYNew Premium headers on profitable niche topics that you won’t find in the general headers section.  Only paid members have access to these headers and as always we will be adding dozens more high quality Premium headers monthly.

New Monthly eBooks:

Last month we released the value packed fifty-page FaceBook marketing guide to all paid members but unfortunately it became outdated within a week after release.  So, we have totally revised the guide to reflect all the latest changes with the second edition of the FB marketing guide now available for download.

Also now available for download is the new Private Blog Network guide that will show you everything you need to know to create a successful private blog network that is virtually undetectable by the big “G”.

This guide will also show you how to find the right expired domains for your PBN, how to tell if a domains PageRank is real or fake and how you can use SiteBildZ to create private blog networks without the usual high costs and work involved in creating and managing a profitable PBN.

New Income Stream for ALL SiteBildZ Paid Members:

Get ready for another business model that will give you yet another way to make serious income with the SiteBildZ platform!

This new profitable income stream will be rolled out to you within the next two weeks as we finish setting everything up.

Here are the details:

How would you like to earn up to 100% commissions offering brand new, original products never before released publicly?

You know just how good our PDF e-books are and that they are packed full of valuable information and not fluff.  Besides that, we have a reputation of creating only stellar quality products that SELL!

So here is what we are doing…

Every 45 to 60 days we will release a new well-researched irresistible product, this product could be anything from a value packed stand alone e-Book, an e-Book combined with video instruction or something similar.

Along with each new product release we are also going to provide you with custom graphics, headers, bullets and call to action buttons in various sizes, colors etc. so that you can build a totally customized site to offer these products.

These products are EXCLUSIVE to SiteBildZ paid members and will not be listed on ClickBank or any other affiliate network.  Even our huge list of regular affiliates and JV partners will not have access to promote these products.  This means more money for you to make and less market saturation.

Here is how you can make up to 100% commissions and multiple sales!

When someone visits your website and clicks your link to purchase you will earn a commission of up to 100% minus Paypal fees depending on your membership level.  Commission percentages are as follows:

SiteBildZ Entry Level – 25% commission on every sale

SiteBildZ Online Income Starter – 50% commission on every sale

SiteBildZ Enterprise Business UNLIMITED – 100% commissions on every sale

We’re not done yet…here is how you can make even more money!

Each product will have a cross sell promotion to join SiteBildZ, which of course will be through your SiteBildZ affiliate link so not only do you make sales on the product but your recurring SiteBildZ commissions will grow exponentially!

I think you can see how committed we are to helping you achieve your goals with an online income and trust me when I say “you haven’t seen nothing yet!”

Also, just a reminder that SiteBidZ launch is only a few days away….so if you have some sites you want to sell….get ready!

Talk soon,

Joe and Kendall and the SB Team


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