July 19th SiteBildZ and SiteBidZ Update

Almost Ready…SiteBidZ Auction Platform Sneek Peek!



Here are a few updated screenshots of the SiteBidZ.com main site:

SiteBidZ Main Page


SiteBidZ Listing



Although Sitebidz will pretty much function like other website auction platforms, you won’t experience the same high costs AND…


You can even earn money with the Sitebidz affiliate program!


We also have added security measures that will help to eliminate fraudulent transactions. This is one area that we will be focusing on most in future development.


Now for the really really cool part…


The SiteBidZ auction platform is integrated into our powerful affiliate site builder Sitebildz.com!


If you are a paid member of Sitebildz you get access to powerful due diligence and research tools not available to members of the Sitebidz auction platform.


You can bid on sites, list sites and buy sites right from within the same powerful interface.


You can even build sites with hosting included and list them for auction with just a few mouse clicks!


Sitebildz users will also receive special discounts and incentives when listing their websites up for auction at Sitebidz.


If you are thinking that its only going to be members selling to other members you couldn’t be more wrong.


Although Sitebildz currently has thousands of members we also have thousands of Sitebidz only subscribers who cant wait for the release.


These two platforms go together like peanut butter & chocolate and opens up yet another potentially lucrative income stream for all Sitebildz members.



Another SiteBildZ Update will be coming next week and it will be listed here on the blog….as always!



Joe Russell and Kendall McGuire



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