January 15th Update SiteBidZ Launch and SiteBildZ Changes

Lots of exciting stuff to go over in this huge update including:

 – Launch of the SiteBidZ Website Auction Platform

– How you can make money selling other peoples websites

– No cost Site Flipping training and tools

 What’s new for SiteBildZ

– Ability to create your own Mini Algorithm in Niche Research

– New Template Designs and Functionalities

– New pricing structure and more


First up…the SiteBidZ.com website auction platform is finally ready!


On Friday January 17th, paid members of SiteBildz will be the first to

gain access to SiteBidZ.com and list their websites for sale before this

exciting new site flipping platform is released to the public the following



With lower costs and a focus on attracting not only sellers but serious

interested buyers SiteBidZ will fast become your number one alternative

to existing website auction platforms.


SiteBidZ also offers you the most lucrative affiliate program!


Unlike other website auction platforms our affiliate program pays you 25%

commissions each and every time your referral pays for a listing or purchases

one of the featured listing upgrades for as long as they remain a SiteBidZ member.


PLUS…Now you can make money selling other peoples websites!


SiteBidZ  puts a focus on attracting buyers by paying out up to 75% of our

Success fees (percentage of sites sale price) back to affiliates and is the only

website auction platform that we are aware of that pays you for referring buyers!


The SiteBidZ AD widget helps make it super easy for you to advertise sites listed

for sale.  Simply choose the sites you want to promote then copy and paste the

code to your site to display listings already embedded with you SiteBidZ affiliate id.


SiteBidZ.com website auction platform will be available to everyone but

as a paid member of our affiliate web site builder SiteBildZ, you will receive

added benefits.


For one, you will never pay a basic listing fee as long as your monthly subscription

to SiteBildZ is active.


Depending on your membership level you will receive discounts of up to 25% on

All featured listing upgrades.


Buy and sell websites at SiteBidZ directly through the SiteBildZ website builder.

With the launch announcement going out to our entire subscriber base of nearly 250k subscribers and a heavy marketing campaign SiteBidZ will be getting lots of traffic from potential buyers so you will want to get those sites listed as soon as we open the doors to early birds this Friday!


All SiteBildz members will also receive no cost Site Flipping training and powerful

domain research tools that are integrated into the SiteBildZ software interface

now including WebTummy.


Introducing WebTummy.com!


WebTummy is a new domain analysis tool that provides you with all the relevant

data you need when researching potential domains to purchase.  WebTummy also

offers you a short URL service which is conveniently integrated into the SiteBildZ



New SiteBildZ Specific Updates:


Over the past few months we have been heavily into development with SiteBidZ and

also revamping the entire SiteBildZ backend to accommodate the new additions of the SiteBidZ website auction platform and also WebTummy.com


The completion of the SiteBidZ auction platform along with its integration to SiteBildZ finally completes the entire package!


Because of this we are making changes to our initial introductory pricing structure which is reflected in the membership options chart on the SiteBildZ homepage on January 23rd.


There is no change for current paid members of SiteBildZ, everything remains the same for you.


This only affects those who join after January 22nd.


On January 23rd the new pricing structure goes into effect and is as follows:


SiteBildZ Freemium – One Free Website with access to training and tools

SiteBildZ Single Site Option – $6.97 each additional site added

SiteBildZ Entry Level – $47 for 15 sites

SiteBildZ Super Affiliate – $67 for 30 sites

SiteBildZ Enterprise – $97 for 50 sites (additional sites can be added if needed)


By overwhelming request from hundreds of members we are introducing the Single Site Option where you can now purchase additional sites as you need them instead of having to upgrade to a higher membership option just to have those one or two extra sites.


The SiteBildZ VIP option and AppBildZ has been removed.


Unfortunately the third party service that we had an arrangement with wasn’t able to accommodate our needs so we had no choice but to remove these features.


Exciting New filters to refine your keyword searches have been added to the Keyword Research tool.  Basically, you will be able to tweak the search to create your own mini algorithm to filter results.


Here is what we are working on for SiteBildZ now!


Dozens of new templates are being designed with much more advanced functionality, customizing options and awesome eye catching design.


The next major feature addition in the works for SiteBildZ will be the ability to easily create and setup your own profitable membership sites with just a few mouse clicks!


SiteBildZ is the only automated affiliate marketing platform that is WordPress based.

ALL the tools you need including free hosting are there for you in one easy to use interface designed to make you money online with…


Amazon sites

Affiliate marketing

Google Adsense…


And now Site Flipping!


All of this and more in one convenient money making platform!


It’s easy to see why SiteBildZ is quickly becoming the number one choice amongst serious affiliate and Internet marketers….If you not already a SiteBildZ member you should be!


You can still get in at the old pricing which is still listed on the homepage until January 23rd at which time new prices will take affect.

Click Here to Join Free!

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