Feb 17th SiteBildZ New HTML Hosting and SiteBildZ Advantage

You are no longer restricted to just SiteBildZ websites as now
you have the ability to host any site with ease on any one of our
multiple servers.

You get complete cPanel hosting where you can host your HTML
websites or other CMS websites other than WordPress.

When choosing this option you will not have the ability to auto post
content including Amazon or ClickBank products automatically to
your site.

However, all other SiteBildZ functions will still be available to you
including the Ad Creator so you still have the ability to easily add
products to your website.

The ad creator lets you easily create your own image ads using
products from ANY affiliate network or for your own products.

You still have access to all research and automation tools as well
as direct access to the SiteBidZ website auction platform.

For those of you in the site flipping business this new HTML feature
should open up a few more options for you.

Now get ready for a whole new SiteBildZ experience!

We have actually been quite busy developing new innovative
features and advanced functionality templates that combined are
going to totally transform SiteBildZ into an unstoppable money
making machine.

This new version will be extremely super user friendly while at the
same time introduce you to incredible new and updated features.

These new features utilize the latest in productivity technology to
help you get more done, faster and with the least amount of effort.

This is a complete rewrite of the entire SiteBildZ platform and we
thought it was deserving of a new name.

We’re calling it SiteBildZ Advantage

Simply because of the extreme advantage all SiteBildZ users will gain with this
new updated release!

Keep a close eye on your inbox and here at the SiteBildZ blog for the latest
SiteBildZ details as they are released.


Talk Soon…
Joe, Kendall and the SB Team

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