New SiteBildZ Advantage Digital Marketing Platform Screenshots

OK……take a look at the first real screenshots to be released on this amazing new software!


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SiteBildZ Advantage Research Section

This screenshot shows you an overview of the results obtained from each of the tools shown in the tabs across the top excluding MOZ data, which you will need to access directly.

In each section of data in this overview you can click on the “Full Report” links and it will take you to the appropriate research tool where you can view ALL the results returned.

You can also click on the keywords themselves and a full report will be displayed.

SiteBildz Advantage has partnered with two of the most trusted search and keyword data providers online, SEMRush and MOZ!

Keyword research overview

SiteBildZ Advantage Research Overview



SiteBildZ Advantage WordPress Site Builder

This screenshot gives you a view of the product search feature.  This is where you will enter a keyword to automatically locate top selling products from:

– Amazon

– ClickBank

– Share A Sale

Once you have selected your products by clicking on the “Add Products” icon all it takes is a couple mouse clicks to instantly add them to your website.

You can also easily create and post Google AdSense directly to your websites with just a few clicks.

Have other affiliate networks you work with?  You can use the new Ad Builder to create affiliate ads from ANY affiliate network!

We will also be adding more networks as we grow.

Product search feature

SiteBildZ Advantage Create a Website



SiteBildZ Advantage CMS

The screenshot below gives you a peek at the SiteBildZ Advantage CMS.

Here is where you will either create your own quality original content or order content from one of the many third party writing services that are integrated with the Advantage platform.

  • Post and schedule articles
  • Search for and post videos
  • Access to royalty free image providers
  • Full HD image editor with marketing graphics library

Post ANY of this content to your website just by clicking a button!

Content manager feature

SiteBildZ Advantage Content Manager

SiteBildz Advantage General Settings

This is where you will enter all you info all for the various automated features that are integrated with SiteBildZ Advantage.

The Domain Registrars tab is where you would enter Namecheap ad Enom account info.  SiteBildZ integrates with these two popular and trusted domain registrars to offer you complete automation when it comes to researching, registering and managing all your domains.

You can also add domains from ANY registrar if you choose not to register your domains through the SiteBildZ Advantage interface,

We will be showing you more details on the Domain Manager later on.

General Settings

SiteBildZ Advantage General Settings

What we are sharing with you is just the tip of the iceberg as far as features and functionality…there are a lot more amazing things yet to be released!

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We’d love to hear your feedback so be sure to comment below and let us know what you think of this little sneak peek.

More details will be released REAL SOON and we look forward to updating you on the amazing features of the all new digital marketing platform SiteBildZ Advantage!


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