May 14th SiteBildZ Advantage Features Revealed Part One: Totally New WordPress Site Builder with Free cPanel Hosting

Finally a complete WordPress solution designed especially for affiliate marketers, Google Adsense publishers, Drop Shippers, E-commerce Stores and the Professional blogger!


Here the details on just a couple of the thirty plus amazing new features we will be revealing to over the newt few weeks.


Ever wish there was a way you could easily and quickly set up hosting, install, configure and build WordPress websites without ever having to access a server or the WP admin dashboard?


SiteBildZ Advantage makes this totally possible for anyone even if you have never used WordPress before.


Current users of the original SiteBildZ can attest to the ease at which they can have professional quality WP sites up and running with just a few mouse clicks, this new version makes that whole process even easier!


Here’s how it works.


First you would create a project and associate it to a domain that you either currently own, register elsewhere or automatically register through one of the two integrated domain registrars included in SiteBildZ Advantage (NameCheap and Enom).


If you have no clue on how to register a domain or point name-servers the easiest option is register through SiteBildZ and let the software do everything for you.


Once this is done, you will select from a drop down menu one of the many servers that are available to host your site on at no cost.  With just a click of your mouse your domain will be automatically setup with hosting.


WordPress will also be automatically installed/configured and ready for you to choose from one of many new responsive themes.


The new themes being released with this version are the latest in design, functionality and are fully responsive to display on any device.


Customizing, monetization, adding content and more are all done from within the SiteBildZ Advantage platform without going near WP Admin.


You can even post your quality content to ALL of
 your WordPress websites from ONE super user-friendly interface.  We have also made it easy for you to add video, images and high converting affiliate ads to your
 posts without ever having to leave the SiteBildZ Advantage Platform.


You will discover more about this as we release further feature details.Examples of these awesome new responsive WordPress themes will also be provided as we release more feature details.


The hosting SiteBildZ Advantage provides you is not your run of the mill average $4.95 shared hosting plan.  What you get is fast, reliable, secure cPanel WordPress hosting AND you get to host as many sites as you want on multiple world class servers.


Basically this is like having your own multiple servers all at different hosting companies without the HUGE cost.


Below are a couple screenshots of the new SiteBildZ Advantage Theme manager, you will be seeing exactly how this theme manager functions in future videos released before launch.


Remember there is much more to come as we are just getting started with revealing to you everything the powerful SiteBildZ Advantage all in one marketing automation platform will offer you, and of course were saving the best or last!


SiteBildZ Advantage General Setting Screenshot

SiteBildZ Advantage General Setting Screenshot 02


Don’t forget you can still join now to lock in your membership price before we go live with this exciting new version in just a few short weeks.  Membership options shown are for the current version, you will be receiving so MUCH more upon the release of new SiteBildZ Advantage!


Get Started with SiteBildZ


You can also join for free to become a SiteBildZ Advantage affiliate and take part in this EPIC launch!


Be sure to check prior blog posts to stay up to date on the previously released details!



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