Monthly Archives: December 2014

Introducing the SiteBildZ WordPress Silo Creator

After several months of development the SiteBildZ Silo Creator is finally here!
Its’s no secret that websites that incorporate a proper Silo/themed structure…


  • Get indexed faster
  • Outrank your competition with 90% fewer backlinks
  • Rank for more competitive keywords easier
  • Drastically reduce your sites bounce rate




Google actually approves of websites that incorporate a themed or Silo structure in their design.


Problem is, WordPress is not Silo structure friendly right out of the box.  You actually need to know some SEO, PHP coding and use custom plugins and themes to get the job done right.


But now with the SiteBildZ Silo creator its extremely simple for anyone to create three and four level Silo structured websites in minutes regardless of tech or SEO experience.


Check out the Silo Demo video below to see this amazing new feature in action…its bad ass!