SiteBildZ New WordPress Plugin Release Overview

Now the SAME Affiliate Tools that Have Produced Millions in Affiliate Commissions are Available to You in One Simple to Use Powerful WordPress Plugin!

  • Works with ANY of Your Favorite WordPress Themes
  • Easily Add Top Selling Amazon Products to Your Affiliate Websites
  • Add Clickbank Products to Your Website Complete with Images
  • Create High Converting Amazon Bundles that Increases Sales
  • SILO Feature Gives Your Websites Instant Authority Potential

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Competition Feature Now Includes MOZ Data

We made a few changes to make this important part of keyword research much more convenient…

Now, when you click on the “Check Competition” icon or use the Competition research feature we’ve streamlined results.

MOZ Rank, Domain Authority, Equity Links and Page Authority will be shown for all top ten ranking websites.…all extremely important metrics.

No more having to bounce back and forth between features for this data.

If your not sure how to make sense of this data to determine niche and keyword competition we have some all new step-by-step training that we will be releasing by the end of the month.


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SiteBildZ Host Your Own Website “My Server” Feature

It’s Finally Here!

Now you can host websites you create with SiteBildZ Advantage on your own server or even a clients server. This opens the door for even more great income possibilities with SiteBildZ.

This new feature coupled with the ability to easily and quickly implement WordPress Silo structure on ANY website you create, on ANY server is just a couple more reasons why SiteBildZ is the leading website builder/digital marketing platform available today!

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Introducing the SiteBildZ WordPress Silo Creator

After several months of development the SiteBildZ Silo Creator is finally here!
Its’s no secret that websites that incorporate a proper Silo/themed structure…


  • Get indexed faster
  • Outrank your competition with 90% fewer backlinks
  • Rank for more competitive keywords easier
  • Drastically reduce your sites bounce rate




Google actually approves of websites that incorporate a themed or Silo structure in their design.


Problem is, WordPress is not Silo structure friendly right out of the box.  You actually need to know some SEO, PHP coding and use custom plugins and themes to get the job done right.


But now with the SiteBildZ Silo creator its extremely simple for anyone to create three and four level Silo structured websites in minutes regardless of tech or SEO experience.


Check out the Silo Demo video below to see this amazing new feature in action…its bad ass!



Everything Finally Revealed About SiteBildZ Advantage Platform

This inforaphic lays it all out for you, the complete SiteBildZ Digital Marketing Platform and EVERYTHING that is included.

Sorry, SiteBildZ Advantage is not accepting any new members until launch day next month.


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SiteBildZ Advantage Overview Info


SiteBildZ Advantage is currently not accepting any new members until launch day next month.

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New SiteBildZ Advantage Digital Marketing Platform Screenshots

OK……take a look at the first real screenshots to be released on this amazing new software!


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SiteBildZ Advantage Research Section

This screenshot shows you an overview of the results obtained from each of the tools shown in the tabs across the top excluding MOZ data, which you will need to access directly.

In each section of data in this overview you can click on the “Full Report” links and it will take you to the appropriate research tool where you can view ALL the results returned.

You can also click on the keywords themselves and a full report will be displayed.

SiteBildz Advantage has partnered with two of the most trusted search and keyword data providers online, SEMRush and MOZ!

Keyword research overview

SiteBildZ Advantage Research Overview



SiteBildZ Advantage WordPress Site Builder

This screenshot gives you a view of the product search feature.  This is where you will enter a keyword to automatically locate top selling products from:

– Amazon

– ClickBank

– Share A Sale

Once you have selected your products by clicking on the “Add Products” icon all it takes is a couple mouse clicks to instantly add them to your website.

You can also easily create and post Google AdSense directly to your websites with just a few clicks.

Have other affiliate networks you work with?  You can use the new Ad Builder to create affiliate ads from ANY affiliate network!

We will also be adding more networks as we grow.

Product search feature

SiteBildZ Advantage Create a Website



SiteBildZ Advantage CMS

The screenshot below gives you a peek at the SiteBildZ Advantage CMS.

Here is where you will either create your own quality original content or order content from one of the many third party writing services that are integrated with the Advantage platform.

  • Post and schedule articles
  • Search for and post videos
  • Access to royalty free image providers
  • Full HD image editor with marketing graphics library

Post ANY of this content to your website just by clicking a button!

Content manager feature

SiteBildZ Advantage Content Manager

SiteBildz Advantage General Settings

This is where you will enter all you info all for the various automated features that are integrated with SiteBildZ Advantage.

The Domain Registrars tab is where you would enter Namecheap ad Enom account info.  SiteBildZ integrates with these two popular and trusted domain registrars to offer you complete automation when it comes to researching, registering and managing all your domains.

You can also add domains from ANY registrar if you choose not to register your domains through the SiteBildZ Advantage interface,

We will be showing you more details on the Domain Manager later on.

General Settings

SiteBildZ Advantage General Settings

What we are sharing with you is just the tip of the iceberg as far as features and functionality…there are a lot more amazing things yet to be released!

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We’d love to hear your feedback so be sure to comment below and let us know what you think of this little sneak peek.

More details will be released REAL SOON and we look forward to updating you on the amazing features of the all new digital marketing platform SiteBildZ Advantage!


SiteBildZ Advantage Full Feature Infographic

Ok here we go!

Were “spilling the beans”…”letting the cat out of the bag, giving you the “whole enchilada!”

You get full disclosure on all of the incredible features

Almost Every single MIND BLOWING feature is now outlined for you below…prepare yourself to be totally and utterly AMAZED!

Now just because there is SO many features don’t get the idea that it will be overwhelming because EVERYTHING has been automated, streamlined and made super user friendly

Besides that, the intuitive wizards contained in SiteBildZ Advantage; simply will not allow you to mess up.

The infographic below gives you an overview of all the features contained in this one Digital Marketing Platform.

How it is so easy, exactly how these features work, screenshots and videos of this amazing platform are on the way.

We’ve left out a couple really awesome features that you will be seeing at launch time.  There’s just sooo much more to show you before we go live!

 “Click Image to See Larger Version”

SiteBildZ Advantage Infographic

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Current pricing and features displayed on the preceeding page for the original version in no way reflects what you will receive when we launch the new SiteBildz Advantage.

May 16th SiteBildZ Advantage Theme Screenshots

Ok, the other day we released some early details on the amazing new WordPress solution that SiteBildZ Advantage will offer you upon release.  However we were quickly reminded that we forgot to add something important.


We didn’t show you any examples of the new responsive affiliate and E-commerce themes.  (Yes, the new version also does E-commerce.)


Below you will see two affiliate and two E-commerce template examples.


SiteBildZ Advantage Affiliate Theme Screenshot 1

SiteBildZ Advantage Affiliate Theme Screenshot 2




SiteBildZ Advantage E-commerce Theme Screenshot 1

SiteBildZ Advantage E-commerce Theme Screenshot 2


Our WordPress Affiliate Templates are multi-functional and can be used to create awesome affiliate websites from ANY of the following networks that are integrated into SiteBildZ Advantage.


  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • More networks and big brand stores are currently being added


You can also convert any of these store themes to a Blog Style layout with just a click of a button even AFTER you have added your products.  Customization features have also been revamped and given more functionality such as cool image sliders, product image zoom and more.


Active SiteBildZ Advantage members will also be receiving up to 10 Unique Responsive NEW themes per month.  Other blog style layouts will be available to you when we go live with this new SiteBildZ version.


Since we are on the subject of adding products…


SiteBildZ Advantage lets you quickly locate top selling products from ANY of the networks listed above.  Again, with just a few mouse clicks your chosen products will be automatically posted to your websites. (More details to our automated monetization manager to come)


There is more that can be done with these templates than meets the eye and you will learn all about this added functionality as we release further details.


Don’t worry, you will be provided with an actual working demo of these templates well before launch time.  If you are impressed now just wait till you see whats coming up!


We are only getting started with announcing EVERYTHING that will be included with SiteBildZ Advantage release.  I guarantee you wont find ANYTHING better.


You can join now to lock in your membership price and to be one of the first to get your hands on the only COMPLETE marketing automation platform for Internet marketers!  SiteBildZ Advantage goes live in just a few short weeks!

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Be sure to check out the previously released details in the blog to be up to date on ALL the amazing features.


May 14th SiteBildZ Advantage Features Revealed Part One: Totally New WordPress Site Builder with Free cPanel Hosting

Finally a complete WordPress solution designed especially for affiliate marketers, Google Adsense publishers, Drop Shippers, E-commerce Stores and the Professional blogger!


Here the details on just a couple of the thirty plus amazing new features we will be revealing to over the newt few weeks.


Ever wish there was a way you could easily and quickly set up hosting, install, configure and build WordPress websites without ever having to access a server or the WP admin dashboard?


SiteBildZ Advantage makes this totally possible for anyone even if you have never used WordPress before.


Current users of the original SiteBildZ can attest to the ease at which they can have professional quality WP sites up and running with just a few mouse clicks, this new version makes that whole process even easier!


Here’s how it works.


First you would create a project and associate it to a domain that you either currently own, register elsewhere or automatically register through one of the two integrated domain registrars included in SiteBildZ Advantage (NameCheap and Enom).


If you have no clue on how to register a domain or point name-servers the easiest option is register through SiteBildZ and let the software do everything for you.


Once this is done, you will select from a drop down menu one of the many servers that are available to host your site on at no cost.  With just a click of your mouse your domain will be automatically setup with hosting.


WordPress will also be automatically installed/configured and ready for you to choose from one of many new responsive themes.


The new themes being released with this version are the latest in design, functionality and are fully responsive to display on any device.


Customizing, monetization, adding content and more are all done from within the SiteBildZ Advantage platform without going near WP Admin.


You can even post your quality content to ALL of
 your WordPress websites from ONE super user-friendly interface.  We have also made it easy for you to add video, images and high converting affiliate ads to your
 posts without ever having to leave the SiteBildZ Advantage Platform.


You will discover more about this as we release further feature details.Examples of these awesome new responsive WordPress themes will also be provided as we release more feature details.


The hosting SiteBildZ Advantage provides you is not your run of the mill average $4.95 shared hosting plan.  What you get is fast, reliable, secure cPanel WordPress hosting AND you get to host as many sites as you want on multiple world class servers.


Basically this is like having your own multiple servers all at different hosting companies without the HUGE cost.


Below are a couple screenshots of the new SiteBildZ Advantage Theme manager, you will be seeing exactly how this theme manager functions in future videos released before launch.


Remember there is much more to come as we are just getting started with revealing to you everything the powerful SiteBildZ Advantage all in one marketing automation platform will offer you, and of course were saving the best or last!


SiteBildZ Advantage General Setting Screenshot

SiteBildZ Advantage General Setting Screenshot 02


Don’t forget you can still join now to lock in your membership price before we go live with this exciting new version in just a few short weeks.  Membership options shown are for the current version, you will be receiving so MUCH more upon the release of new SiteBildZ Advantage!


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You can also join for free to become a SiteBildZ Advantage affiliate and take part in this EPIC launch!


Be sure to check prior blog posts to stay up to date on the previously released details!



May 7th Introducing SiteBildZ Advantage…LAUNCHING SOON!

Hey Everyone,


Its almost here…  The all new totally transformed version of SiteBildZ!


Not only will you get a TON of powerful NEW features…


All existing features have been entirely revamped with added functionality that will seriously amplify your online income efforts.  The ability to make more money, more efficiently in just a fraction of the time is what the all new SiteBildZ platform will offer you.


If you think this is hype, it most definitely isn’t…


And I’m going to prove it to you.


Over the next few weeks you will be introduced to ALL the incredible new features…trust me, you will be amazed!  I’m also going to show you what has been done to improve upon all the current features with some BIG changes you’re going to love.


If you are a paid SiteBildZ member you are going to be the first to get your hands on this before anyone else.


Just to tease you a bit… Here’s a look at the new Dashboard.


SiteBildZ Advantage Screenshot

SiteBildZ Advantage Dashboard Collage


Inside each section is where you will find all the powerful tools and automation we have added which I will be telling you all about a bit later.  Keep in mind we may make slight changes or additions before release.


Yes, it really is that far advanced!


  • Step by step wizards makes SiteBildZ even easier to use
  • WordPress sites without needing WordPress admin
  • Amazon, ClickBank, Share A Sale and AdSense themes with the latest in design and functionality
  • Drive laser targeted traffic to your offers, powerful new feature
  • Advanced research, reporting and analytics features
  • Enhanced project/website management
  • Social media
  • eCommerce websites made super easy
  • Incredible Landing pages


And so much more that is going to leave you totally and utterly amazed!  The original version of SiteBildZ is still available to you, upon release of the new advanced version current members will be automatically upgraded at no extra cost.


You can join now before this EPIC new version is released to…

  • Lock in your membership
  • Get advanced new version feature and release details
  • Receive special members only offers
  • AND to be one of the first to get their hands on this amazing new platform before anyone else! 

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Sign up now to also become a free SiteBildZ Affiliate and get in on the SiteBildZ Advantage launch.  BE SURE to Stay tuned for the first feature details coming your way in just a few days…this is exciting stuff!


Talk soon
Joe, Kendall and the SB Team

The Origin of Affiliate Marketing and Can You Really Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing


The concept of affiliate marketing, otherwise known as revenue sharing, has been around long before the internet. However the principles of revenue sharing didn’t transition to the World Wide Web and the e-commerce world until 1994, just four years after the origination of the internet.


It was introduced with the name affiliate marketing and it created opportunities for everyday people to build affiliate websites and make money online by promoting the products of others and earning commission for their sales.


William J. Tobin was the founder of a company making millions of dollars per year and in 1995, and they were the first company on the internet to have thousands of affiliate marketers working for their program.


They also secured a patent for the unique system that they created to track their affiliates’ sales. Since the 1990’s, affiliate marketing has become a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s now a marketing approach that virtually every big brand incorporates into their business.


By recruiting affiliate marketers to build websites and promote their products and services themselves, companies today save millions of dollars in marketing costs and are able to grow their businesses at much faster rates.


Future of Affiliate Marketing



What does the future hold for affiliate marketing industry?

Affiliate marketing has already become mainstream and its presence on the web will only continue to grow. For as long as there is business, there will be revenue sharing.


As mentioned earlier more and more big brand stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and many others are now beginning to incorporate affiliate programs into their online business model and this trend will continue to grow.


The advent of new innovations in web technologies have now made it easier than ever for the average person to have their own blog or website,  This, coupled with the fact that thousands of new Internet users log on online daily looking for ways to create income online will ensure that the affiliate marketing industry will continue to thrive.


Is affiliate marketing easy?


One of the most popular ways affiliate products are promoted is through a website. This is done by displaying affiliate ads in various formats for products or services you are affiliated with. If you can capture your website visitors interests enough to entice them to click on your link or ad, you earn a commission for that sale.  Although this sounds easy enough, which for some it is;  it’s not always the case.


Any business venture will require work, time, dedication and some degree of financial investment.  There will always be challenges that you will face.  Building a successful affiliate business is not a “walk in the park” by any means but with todays technology its now easier than ever for anyone to get started.


One of the biggest issues affiliate marketers face is getting targeted visitors to their websites to see  their offers.  One way this use to be accomplished was by generating organic traffic through search engine marketing or SEM.  Search engine marketing is is a form of Internet marketing that involves optimizing your website content so that your site ranks high in the search engines.


SEM use to be much more effective before Google began releasing a series of algorithm changes that made it harder to acheive top rankings using search engine optimazation.


So how do affiliate marketers acheive top rankings today?


SEO is still important however one thing is for sure, if you want to acheive top rankings that will stand the test of time you need to create content that Google loves. You may have heard the phrase before that “content is king,” well this is especially true today for affiliate websites.


You could even argue that affiliate websites need to have better content than any other type of site. Your website needs to provide exceptional value and give the viewer a reason to appreciate your website and trust the products that you are promoting.


Providing great quality content that is updated regularly is a must.  This is why many affiliates choose to start a website covering subject matter that they genuinely enjoy.


For instance, if you like eating healthy and watching your calories, a healthy eating blog that promotes related affiliate products could be a good place to start.


Preparing blog articles and continuously producing good content will be much easier when it’s on a subject you enjoy writing about.  On the other hand, if what you enjoy is overly obscure such as “goldfish racing”, you may have a hard time finding others who share the same interest that would actually purchase what you are offering.


Affiliate websites can be hard work and writing good content for the website is just the beginning.


There are of course several other ways you can drive traffic to your website besides search engine optimization but SEO is the most practical way and it is free BUT, its not in any way instant traffic.


It generally takes about 6-12 months to see decent results but once the website ranks for keyword phrases that receive a decent number of monthly searches, the traffic will be consistent for years providing you keep it regularly updated with premium quality content.


If you are looking for a faster way to get targeted traffic to your offers, you might want to consider PPC.


PPC or Pay Per Click


Pay per click marketing is offered through various networks but the most popular by far is Google Adwords.  Adwords offers you the opportunity to bid on ad placements against other competitors for keywords you are targeting to drive traffic to your site.


You pay an amount anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars for each visitor that clicks the ad and vistits your website.


Your actual cost per click is determined by many variables such as keywords, ad position, ad quality, how well your website or landing page is optimized to your keywords and also your ads optimization.


Although PPC advertising can deliver instant traffic to your website or blog there is a definite learning curve to doing this right, you dont want to end up spending way more on clicks than what you are getting in actual sales conversions.


Utilizing Internet marketing automation software to make affiliate marketing easier!


SiteBildZ Advantage Dashboard Collage




New innovations in software developments have changed affiliate marketing considerably. Today, getting ahead of your competitors as an affiliate means using the best software in the industry and using it to automate your Internet marketing efforts and accomplish more in less time.


The right software can automate website building, research, content optimization, link building and basically just about every mundane task related to affiliate marketing and making money online.  Social media marketing has also been entirely automated making it super easy to manage your online social accounts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin G+ and more.


Social media is now more important than ever to marketing online.  It can generate loads of targeted traffic, create brand awareness, increase search engine rankings as well as to help you to develop relationships with your consumers.


In todays online business world automation is key…adapt or get left behind!


Doing everything for your affiliate marketing business manually can be a very costly decision and a time consuming process. For every repetitive task that you spend 1-2 hours on, there’s the potential to cut that down to 1-2 minutes.


Try to imagine a world without automation, humans have been searching for ways to make mundane and repetitive tasks easier since time began…where would we be today if it werent for automation.


Staying ahead of the competition means adapting and using these tools to your advantage.

To your success!
Joe Russell


About Joe Russell:

Joe Russell is the President and CEO of IATC Enterprises which he began in 1999.  Bootstrapping the company from his basement, entirely from income generated as an affiliate marketer; he successfully grew his business into a hugely successful software and online marketing company. 

His companies focus today is on research, development and bringing to market innovative marketing automation solutions.  Their most popular and successful software products to date are  SEnuke XCr and the top selling Internet marketing automation platform of its kind SiteBildZ.

Because of his expertise in online marketing and software product launches he has gained recognition as being one of the leaders in his industry.  His marketing and product launch strategies have helped to generate over eight figures in profits for his company in just the past six years through multiple million dollar launches.




Feb 17th SiteBildZ New HTML Hosting and SiteBildZ Advantage

You are no longer restricted to just SiteBildZ websites as now
you have the ability to host any site with ease on any one of our
multiple servers.

You get complete cPanel hosting where you can host your HTML
websites or other CMS websites other than WordPress.

When choosing this option you will not have the ability to auto post
content including Amazon or ClickBank products automatically to
your site.

However, all other SiteBildZ functions will still be available to you
including the Ad Creator so you still have the ability to easily add
products to your website.

The ad creator lets you easily create your own image ads using
products from ANY affiliate network or for your own products.

You still have access to all research and automation tools as well
as direct access to the SiteBidZ website auction platform.

For those of you in the site flipping business this new HTML feature
should open up a few more options for you.

Now get ready for a whole new SiteBildZ experience!

We have actually been quite busy developing new innovative
features and advanced functionality templates that combined are
going to totally transform SiteBildZ into an unstoppable money
making machine.

This new version will be extremely super user friendly while at the
same time introduce you to incredible new and updated features.

These new features utilize the latest in productivity technology to
help you get more done, faster and with the least amount of effort.

This is a complete rewrite of the entire SiteBildZ platform and we
thought it was deserving of a new name.

We’re calling it SiteBildZ Advantage

Simply because of the extreme advantage all SiteBildZ users will gain with this
new updated release!

Keep a close eye on your inbox and here at the SiteBildZ blog for the latest
SiteBildZ details as they are released.


Talk Soon…
Joe, Kendall and the SB Team

January 15th Update SiteBidZ Launch and SiteBildZ Changes

Lots of exciting stuff to go over in this huge update including:

 – Launch of the SiteBidZ Website Auction Platform

– How you can make money selling other peoples websites

– No cost Site Flipping training and tools

 What’s new for SiteBildZ

– Ability to create your own Mini Algorithm in Niche Research

– New Template Designs and Functionalities

– New pricing structure and more


First up…the website auction platform is finally ready!


On Friday January 17th, paid members of SiteBildz will be the first to

gain access to and list their websites for sale before this

exciting new site flipping platform is released to the public the following



With lower costs and a focus on attracting not only sellers but serious

interested buyers SiteBidZ will fast become your number one alternative

to existing website auction platforms.


SiteBidZ also offers you the most lucrative affiliate program!


Unlike other website auction platforms our affiliate program pays you 25%

commissions each and every time your referral pays for a listing or purchases

one of the featured listing upgrades for as long as they remain a SiteBidZ member.


PLUS…Now you can make money selling other peoples websites!


SiteBidZ  puts a focus on attracting buyers by paying out up to 75% of our

Success fees (percentage of sites sale price) back to affiliates and is the only

website auction platform that we are aware of that pays you for referring buyers!


The SiteBidZ AD widget helps make it super easy for you to advertise sites listed

for sale.  Simply choose the sites you want to promote then copy and paste the

code to your site to display listings already embedded with you SiteBidZ affiliate id. website auction platform will be available to everyone but

as a paid member of our affiliate web site builder SiteBildZ, you will receive

added benefits.


For one, you will never pay a basic listing fee as long as your monthly subscription

to SiteBildZ is active.


Depending on your membership level you will receive discounts of up to 25% on

All featured listing upgrades.


Buy and sell websites at SiteBidZ directly through the SiteBildZ website builder.

With the launch announcement going out to our entire subscriber base of nearly 250k subscribers and a heavy marketing campaign SiteBidZ will be getting lots of traffic from potential buyers so you will want to get those sites listed as soon as we open the doors to early birds this Friday!


All SiteBildz members will also receive no cost Site Flipping training and powerful

domain research tools that are integrated into the SiteBildZ software interface

now including WebTummy.




WebTummy is a new domain analysis tool that provides you with all the relevant

data you need when researching potential domains to purchase.  WebTummy also

offers you a short URL service which is conveniently integrated into the SiteBildZ



New SiteBildZ Specific Updates:


Over the past few months we have been heavily into development with SiteBidZ and

also revamping the entire SiteBildZ backend to accommodate the new additions of the SiteBidZ website auction platform and also


The completion of the SiteBidZ auction platform along with its integration to SiteBildZ finally completes the entire package!


Because of this we are making changes to our initial introductory pricing structure which is reflected in the membership options chart on the SiteBildZ homepage on January 23rd.


There is no change for current paid members of SiteBildZ, everything remains the same for you.


This only affects those who join after January 22nd.


On January 23rd the new pricing structure goes into effect and is as follows:


SiteBildZ Freemium – One Free Website with access to training and tools

SiteBildZ Single Site Option – $6.97 each additional site added

SiteBildZ Entry Level – $47 for 15 sites

SiteBildZ Super Affiliate – $67 for 30 sites

SiteBildZ Enterprise – $97 for 50 sites (additional sites can be added if needed)


By overwhelming request from hundreds of members we are introducing the Single Site Option where you can now purchase additional sites as you need them instead of having to upgrade to a higher membership option just to have those one or two extra sites.


The SiteBildZ VIP option and AppBildZ has been removed.


Unfortunately the third party service that we had an arrangement with wasn’t able to accommodate our needs so we had no choice but to remove these features.


Exciting New filters to refine your keyword searches have been added to the Keyword Research tool.  Basically, you will be able to tweak the search to create your own mini algorithm to filter results.


Here is what we are working on for SiteBildZ now!


Dozens of new templates are being designed with much more advanced functionality, customizing options and awesome eye catching design.


The next major feature addition in the works for SiteBildZ will be the ability to easily create and setup your own profitable membership sites with just a few mouse clicks!


SiteBildZ is the only automated affiliate marketing platform that is WordPress based.

ALL the tools you need including free hosting are there for you in one easy to use interface designed to make you money online with…


Amazon sites

Affiliate marketing

Google Adsense…


And now Site Flipping!


All of this and more in one convenient money making platform!


It’s easy to see why SiteBildZ is quickly becoming the number one choice amongst serious affiliate and Internet marketers….If you not already a SiteBildZ member you should be!


You can still get in at the old pricing which is still listed on the homepage until January 23rd at which time new prices will take affect.

Click Here to Join Free!

July 25th SiteBildZ Updates

OK, so here is what we have for you in this latest update including the new and extremely profitable income stream for paid members.  You can actually earn up to 100% commissions!

New Premium Themes and Theme Designer:

Paid members have access to four new amazing WordPress themes with advanced features and a more powerful robust theme editor.

The redesigned theme editor/designer will provide you with even more customization options using quick and easy drag-n-drop widgets that will give you multiple options to make your theme totally unique.

We are developing this new advanced editor even further and will be adding various widget types such as testimonial widgets, video widgets, ad widgets and more.

This new editor and ALL new monthly theme releases will only be made available to paid members.  We are working towards a seriously powerful full-blown editor/theme designer with the latest in WordPress theme design and functionality.

As always we will continue to release at least FIVE new Premium themes each and every month.

We are also in the process of creating training videos for this new editor/theme designer.  The first video is below and also gives you a peek at one of the new Premium WordPress themes.

New Premium Headers: Of course with Premium themes you will need some Awesome looking headers.  You now have access to over THIRTYNew Premium headers on profitable niche topics that you won’t find in the general headers section.  Only paid members have access to these headers and as always we will be adding dozens more high quality Premium headers monthly.

New Monthly eBooks:

Last month we released the value packed fifty-page FaceBook marketing guide to all paid members but unfortunately it became outdated within a week after release.  So, we have totally revised the guide to reflect all the latest changes with the second edition of the FB marketing guide now available for download.

Also now available for download is the new Private Blog Network guide that will show you everything you need to know to create a successful private blog network that is virtually undetectable by the big “G”.

This guide will also show you how to find the right expired domains for your PBN, how to tell if a domains PageRank is real or fake and how you can use SiteBildZ to create private blog networks without the usual high costs and work involved in creating and managing a profitable PBN.

New Income Stream for ALL SiteBildZ Paid Members:

Get ready for another business model that will give you yet another way to make serious income with the SiteBildZ platform!

This new profitable income stream will be rolled out to you within the next two weeks as we finish setting everything up.

Here are the details:

How would you like to earn up to 100% commissions offering brand new, original products never before released publicly?

You know just how good our PDF e-books are and that they are packed full of valuable information and not fluff.  Besides that, we have a reputation of creating only stellar quality products that SELL!

So here is what we are doing…

Every 45 to 60 days we will release a new well-researched irresistible product, this product could be anything from a value packed stand alone e-Book, an e-Book combined with video instruction or something similar.

Along with each new product release we are also going to provide you with custom graphics, headers, bullets and call to action buttons in various sizes, colors etc. so that you can build a totally customized site to offer these products.

These products are EXCLUSIVE to SiteBildZ paid members and will not be listed on ClickBank or any other affiliate network.  Even our huge list of regular affiliates and JV partners will not have access to promote these products.  This means more money for you to make and less market saturation.

Here is how you can make up to 100% commissions and multiple sales!

When someone visits your website and clicks your link to purchase you will earn a commission of up to 100% minus Paypal fees depending on your membership level.  Commission percentages are as follows:

SiteBildZ Entry Level – 25% commission on every sale

SiteBildZ Online Income Starter – 50% commission on every sale

SiteBildZ Enterprise Business UNLIMITED – 100% commissions on every sale

We’re not done yet…here is how you can make even more money!

Each product will have a cross sell promotion to join SiteBildZ, which of course will be through your SiteBildZ affiliate link so not only do you make sales on the product but your recurring SiteBildZ commissions will grow exponentially!

I think you can see how committed we are to helping you achieve your goals with an online income and trust me when I say “you haven’t seen nothing yet!”

Also, just a reminder that SiteBidZ launch is only a few days away….so if you have some sites you want to sell….get ready!

Talk soon,

Joe and Kendall and the SB Team


July 19th SiteBildZ and SiteBidZ Update

Almost Ready…SiteBidZ Auction Platform Sneek Peek!



Here are a few updated screenshots of the main site:

SiteBidZ Main Page


SiteBidZ Listing



Although Sitebidz will pretty much function like other website auction platforms, you won’t experience the same high costs AND…


You can even earn money with the Sitebidz affiliate program!


We also have added security measures that will help to eliminate fraudulent transactions. This is one area that we will be focusing on most in future development.


Now for the really really cool part…


The SiteBidZ auction platform is integrated into our powerful affiliate site builder!


If you are a paid member of Sitebildz you get access to powerful due diligence and research tools not available to members of the Sitebidz auction platform.


You can bid on sites, list sites and buy sites right from within the same powerful interface.


You can even build sites with hosting included and list them for auction with just a few mouse clicks!


Sitebildz users will also receive special discounts and incentives when listing their websites up for auction at Sitebidz.


If you are thinking that its only going to be members selling to other members you couldn’t be more wrong.


Although Sitebildz currently has thousands of members we also have thousands of Sitebidz only subscribers who cant wait for the release.


These two platforms go together like peanut butter & chocolate and opens up yet another potentially lucrative income stream for all Sitebildz members.



Another SiteBildZ Update will be coming next week and it will be listed here on the blog….as always!



Joe Russell and Kendall McGuire



June 28th SiteBildZ Update

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know that we’ve added another server to our multi-server hosting option bringing the total to five separate severs that hold multiple class c IP addresses.

A sixth server is currently being added and should be in place by the end of next week.

So keep building those money sites and growing your success!

Over the next couple weeks you will begin to see the forum become more active as we begin adding some really great content, valuable training, sharing resources and more.

Also, as you know we’re always working to add even more awesome features so get ready for more new updates coming next week.

Stay Tuned…


Kendall and the SB Team

June 19th SiteBildZ Updates

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by, here are the latest SiteBildZ updates for June 19th:


1. SiteBildZ Multi Server, Multi IP Hosting

It took us a bit longer than expected to get this completed as it is another
industry first. You will not find a hosting option such as this anywhere for
any price! Here is what it does and how it works…

Multi-Server hosting gives you the ability to host your SiteBildZ websites
on multiple servers with auto assigned Class c IP Addresses.

Depending on your membership level you will be able to choose from
one to over a dozen servers to host your website on. Your website is
also randomly auto-assigned to one of the many Class C IP’s per server.

If you ever had any concerns about all SiteBildZ websites being on
one server it is now no longer a concern.

Our servers span multiple hosts and varying locations and we will be
adding new servers to this feature on a weekly basis till we have at
least a dozen or more in place…more will be added if needed.

Currently there are three servers to choose from when selecting your
hosting, you can also still host on your own server if you wish. SiteBildZ
supports ANY cPanel hosting.

This feature is literally like having your own 12 individual hosting accounts
at different hosts without all the headaches of having to manage them and…
without all the costs!

Instructions on how to use this feature can be found in the “Add Your Own Domain”
video in the SiteBildZ Application Training section.

2. WordPress Upgrade

We have resolved the issue with upgrading your sites to the latest version
of WordPress. Its a simple process but we we created a short video to show
you exactly how to do this. You will find this video in the SB training section.

3. New Custom Header, Logo and Favicon Option

You can now order professionally created custom headers and logos directly
from within the SiteBildZ software and we will throw in a free favicon with any

A favicon isn’t just a cool little graphic next to your URL, it actually helps to make
your site look a little more professional. It’s also convenient to your site users
when they bookmark your website as it makes it much easier for them to find
your site amongst the tons of bookmarks they may already have.

We definitely want repeat visitors to our websites and a favicon will help make it
easier for your visitors to return.

4. Article Builder Auto Poster Made Easier

We have made the AB auto poster much easier for you to use, basically enter
all the blogs you want your content auto-submitted to in one section. Then in
another section you will add the content you would like to be submitted at any
date your define then select the blog you want it submitted to…It’s that simple!

This feature alone will save you save you tons of time when it comes to keeping
your sites updated with fresh original content.

For those of you that may not know what ArticleBuilder is, it is an article building
software that actually does more than build articles. AB also includes lots of powerful
and useful features such as the auto-poster, site indexer and more.

We know that ArticleBuilder is an awesome product as we use it ourselves which is
the reason we integrated it into our other software SEnuke. So of course we also
decided to add it to SiteBildZ.

Jon Leger, the creator of ArticleBuilder has given us an exclusive deal to offer you
his software at a HUGELY discounted price, this offer is only available to SitebildZ
members and must be purchased through the SB interface.

5. Niche Research and Related Niche Research Improved

Both of these features have been made much faster so that your results are displayed in just a few seconds. Some users were experiencing unacceptable wait times when performing searches and this this update resolves that issue.

6. New Headers

More niche headers have been added which brings your current selection to just under three hundred. As always more headers are being added regularly.

7. New SiteBildZ App iPhone version 1.3

This is the latest mobile app update that resolves the crashing issues when performing a product search. You can now also access all of the SiteBildZ training videos and view them fro your mobile phone

8. SiteBildZ Beta Android Version Now Available!

You can now download the Android version of the SB app available on Google Play.

9. New Facebook Marketing Guide

Paid members will be able to access this totally new and original Facebook Marketing guide tomorrow June 20th. Over fifty pages of valuable information and instruction on the latest Facebook marketing strategies.

This e-book alone could easily sell thousands of copies at $27 all day long but as a SiteBildZ paid member you get this guide and all future monthly guides at no cost!

You can download the guide from the new “Monthly Downloads” sections

10. ArticleBildZ Discount on ALL Article Orders

Now receive a $2.00 discount on all articles ordered until the end of the month.


What we are working on:

More feature updates coming your way within a week!

– The EZ Editor will be made much more robust with more Drag-N-Drop customization

– New SiteBildZ Premium templates available to all paid members including layouts with slider options

SiteBidZ is nearly ready and we will be launching in the next couple weeks.

We do apologize for the delay but we are doing things a bit different than that of other website auction platforms including built in research tools for due diligence, an affiliate program and integration with SiteBildZ which has given us a few challenges but nothing we can’t overcome.

You are going to love this new and unique website auction platform!

If you haven’t tried SiteBildZ yet give it a try Its 100% FREE to join!  One free money site with no cost hosting EVER, free expert affiliate marketing training and full access to the powerful SiteBildZ software.  

Click Here to Join Free!

To Your Success!
Joe and the SB Team

Welcome to the SiteBildZ Blog

Welcome to our new blog where we will be keeping you up to date on the Latest News regarding SiteBildZ Multi-Platform Marketing Software.

If you haven’t checked it out yet then go sign up….It’s Free!!


May 11th SiteBildZ Updates

Hi All,


You can now use domains from ANY registrar you want AND…

You don’t have to register them through the Sitebildz software which
opens up a whole bunch of options for you.

First, you can now use any previous domains you may already own.

Secondly, if you thought about taking the free 14 day trial but didn’t want to
buy a domain just to do it, you can now use the ones you already have.

You can still register domains at Namcheap and eNom just like before
but we wanted to give you more options.

To use this feature:

1. Click on the Domain Manager
2. Then on “Add Your Domain”
3. Choose the associated project for the domain you are adding
4. Open a new browser, go to your registrar account and set your
DNS name servers to the Sitebildz servers specified in the software
5. Click Submit

Thats it you are ready to start building your money site on that domain!

This is a bit more technical than registering domains through the Sitebildz
software cause you have to deal with DNS.

However, it is an important feature for those that may have had hundreds
of domains on registrars we didn’t support and also for anyone wanting to
give the free trial a spin without ANY costs.

Currently you can only choose one of Sitebildz servers to point your
nameservers to but within a couple weeks you will be able to choose from
any one of our 15 servers.

This will allow you to spread all your sites across multiple servers giving
you excellent link and network building opportunities.

There will be video instruction for this in the Application Tutorials section
later tonight.

The ArticleBuilder Auto-Post Scheduler is now also available.

Although Sitebildz comes with a built in scheduler the one in ArticleBuilder
has something we don’t…

An POWERUL built in Indexer that will help get your posts and sites
indexed by the search engines quicker!

You can save HUGE when you purchase ArticleBuilder from within the
Sitebildz software as the creator, Jonathan Leger has offered a special
discount to members of Sitebildz.

Just login to the software and in the Content Manager click on ArtiicleBuilder
to see the offer. Once you purchase you can just enter your access info
into our software then access and use it immediately.

Appbildz is also ready and as a paid member you can start building your
apps right away.

Tutorials can be found under the Appbildz tab in the software menu and
we are uploading more daily till we have the most comprehensive video
tutorials on App building available…hundreds are planned! is still scheduled for Monday…this is super cool and if you
flip sites you will love it!

More updates and features are on the way including IOS update for our app
and Android version is almost complete.

Get use to almost daily emails as we plan on adding new stuff as fast as we
can…as I think you may have noticed.

Sitebildz is going to be HUGE and its going to happen fast…just wait till
you see what happens next.

If you havent taken the no cost 14 day trial offer now is the time to do it,
visit the link below and get started today.


To All Future Successes,

Joe and Kendall